Full-time office workers spend at least 7 hours, or one-third, of their day at their desk. With many considering the office to be their unofficial second home (third home for those rich enough to actually own a second home), we should be free to make ourselves space that is as comfortable and as welcoming as possible.

Here are 5 items we found on Qoo10 that may just help you with that, while keeping an air of classy professionalism.

Monitor stand/organiser

We previously highlighted monitor risers in our blog post on creating a more ergonomic work environment, but this time, we’re picking it again for the tiny slots and compartments that are often built into its design. This product listing we’ve linked includes options for the extra little shelf you see in the picture, giving you more than enough storage space to neatly put away the 101 things on your desk, including your keyboard and mouse.

Desktop heater

Many major office buildings have centralised air-con systems, which tenants have no control over. Oftentimes, depending on your seat and tolerance to colder temperatures, it can feel like you’re sitting in the Arctic. Thankfully, modern accessory companies like Baseus have caught on to this extremely first world problem, and created the perfect solution to it. This simple, compact heater-fan will send warm, cosy air your way to keep your fingers from falling out. It’s almost like having your very own tiny fireplace.

Alternatively, if you’re seated in that other part of office with no air-con vent and zero air movement, Baseus also has you covered with this palm-sized, turbine-shaped cooling fan.

Portable heating/cooling cup holder

Are you the type who takes hours to finish a single beverage? Do you get annoyed when after getting absorbed in work for just half an hour, you return to your hot drink to find it cold, or vice versa?

If so, here’s your perfect solution in a cup – literally. This electric cup holder (ok so maybe don’t put your drink directly in) boasts the ability to cool down to -6°C, or heat up to 60°C, in just 10 minutes. Et voila. Your morning teh o and afternoon iced latte can now accompany you through your day’s work!

Ultrasonic aroma diffuser

We’ve covered these minimalist humidifier-diffusers before, but we’re bringing it back again here to specifically recommend this petite, 100ml model (types B1 and B2 in this listing). While remaining unobtrusive to your desk, the diffuser can last a surprisingly long amount of time wafting out your favourite scent, before requiring a water/scent refill. Protip: set it to the 10-second on/off cycle to halve water consumption.

Storm glass

Finally, a truly unique and functional ornament to add class to your table. Storm glasses, alternatively called weather glasses, were invented in the mid-1700s and became popular with the maritime industry, such as traveling ships and harbours, as an indication of impending weather. The clear liquid mixture in the glass is a delicately balanced mix of chemicals including ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate, camphor, water, and alcohol, which creates and dissolves different types of white crystals depending on the room’s temperature. If the solution is cloudy at lunchtime, or in the evening, you may want to take that brolly with you, in case it starts raining.

Just be careful with it and don’t drop or break it. The solution doesn’t exactly smell nice.

What other unique gadgets and gizmos do you have on your office table? Comment below to share with us!