Remember the last time you had a barbeque, when the weather was just right, the fire was burning at just the right temperature, and not a single bug was in sight?

No. Of course not. It’s a barbeque. A grill full of glowing hot coals. In tropical Singapore.

But what if we told you that there are very affordable devices that could make barbeques the relaxing, social chill-out it was meant to be?

Here are five items we found that’ll help you keep calm and carry on grilling.

Personal air-conditioner

Possibly one of the greatest epitomes of solving a first world problem, this tissue box-sized device uses the combination of a water screen and fan to send cool air your way, no matter the environment. Set this up by the side of your grill to stay breezy as your cuts of meat sizzle below you. With USB power, this portable cooler can be run by a powerbank if there are no electrical outlets in sight.

For the dining tables, consider these Muji-style battery-powered fans to keep the air circulating for your guests.

Clip-on grill lights

Barbeque pits seem to have this thing about lights pointing everywhere… except the grill, where the magic actually happens. Keep your eyes comfortable and and get those steaks done just right with this nifty pair of LED lights, featuring a flexible goose neck and a clamp that can also act as a stand. Just be mindful where you place it – you don’t want your lights melting on its first gig!

Charcoal fire air ventilator

Any barbeque expert (real or self-proclaimed) would tell you that the essence of a good cook-out is in its fire. While gas fires tend to be more convenient, both in setting up and evenly heating the grill, it is near impossible to beat the smoky, juicy flavours naturally present with charcoal fires. The problem then, is lighting the charcoal and getting them to burn properly, to get to that deceptively dim orange glow that gives off an incredible amount of heat.

Rather than killing your arm by fanning the charcoal manually, get yourself one of these air ventilators. As the name suggests, this gadget simply directs a concentrated stream of air into the fire, efficiently encouraging charcoal burn, as well as spreading the fire quickly and evenly. You’ll have a blazing hot grill up in no time, and no sweat.

To see alternative designs, including hand-cranked versions, check out these search results.

Silicone oil brush

This requires a tiny bit of prep work in advance, in exchange for huge convenience during the grill. Melt your block of butter (or half, if you’re conservative… how many times have you thrown away half a block of unused but horribly melted butter?) into this brush-container combo that you can bring to the pit, spill or leak-free (provided you secure the lid). Buttering your grills will be so much easier in semi-liquid form, rather than having to scrape solid butter that you forgot to thaw before moving down the pit.

Yeah, we’ve all been there before. No need to be shy.

Portable mosquito UV trap

And finally, remember that feeling of dread as you’re finally settling down to eat, drink and talk, only to realise that the mosquitoes have come out for their dinner as well? Say goodbye to pests and bloodsuckers with this electronic trap. Simply place it in a central but discreet location around your barbeque area, and power it up with either a wall plug or powerbank. The mesmerising UV light will, as they say, make the mozzies an offer they can’t refuse.

Just maybe don’t open the collector at the bottom while dinner is still going on. Or before your food digests. It won’t be a pretty sight.

Have you discovered any other innovative, useful gadgets that make your barbeques more enjoyable? Let us know in the comments below!