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4 January 2022

It has come to our attention that an ongoing job advertisement scam disguising as Qoo10 Singapore has been circulating on various media platforms.

We would like to alert the public that such advertisements such as the ones shown on the right are not from Qoo10 Singapore and candidates are urged to reach out to our recruitment email at careers@qoo10.com to verify any dubious job advertisement seen online or contact by recruiter.

Scammers will link you to their Group Chat which consist of several members/agents/customer service personnels. In the Group Chat, you will be given instructions by an "instructor" to complete fake tasks to earn attractive commission which requires you to make payment upfront leading to financial losses.

Thank you and stay safe!
Qoo10 Singapore

What we do

Whether for shoppers or sellers, our mission is to put the full power of e-commerce into our users' hands. At Qoo10, we believe that the smallest companies have the biggest ideas, and that by enabling these companies, we are enabling innovation, while encouraging more productive trade.

As Singapore's top online shopping platform, Qoo10's businesses enrich the lives of people across the Pan-Pacific region, and in particular Southeast Asia.

We are constantly on the lookout for extraordinary people - people who are hungry to make a difference in an industry evolving as quickly as you can blink. Join our vibrant team of diverse talents in bringing online businesses to the top of their game, and keeping them there. Define the future of e-commerce with us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring together diverse buyers and sellers worldwide and improve life everywhere. We will strive to provide enjoyable and great shopping experience.

Our Teams 🙂

Our Talents

Kristle, Live10 Host and Producer

"I made my first jump into the e-commerce industry with Qoo10 and I’m proud to say I’m glad I made this decision! Qoo10’s a great place to explore various scopes, fine-tune skill sets and interact with SMEs to grow and build businesses together."

Gregory, Marketing Manager

"Instead of being siloed in my own domain, Qoo10 has always encouraged me to go beyond my comfort zone. Being able to work with and learn from so many amazing and supportive colleagues across verticals has truly been an invaluable experience and an unexpected joy. Qoo10 - Bringing the best in you!"

Jezialle, Senior Sales Manager

"Joining Qoo10 is definitely one of the best career decisions I have ever made. Here, I discovered my passion for Business Development and have the privilege to work with different merchants; comprising SMEs and international MNCs."

Elaine, Graphics Designer

"I've gotten to work with a variety of personalities and try out different shopping categories in my time here so far. There are many kind and friendly people whom I'm proud to call my friends; While each job has its own challenges, they make it feel worthwhile!"

Wei Jie, Marketing Executive

“An ever-changing and fast paced environment that is suitable for people who are always up for a challenge. Being in Qoo10 made me an adaptable individual, well equipped to handle any possible difficulties. It’s a place of exploration for the creative minds, a place for the strong-willed to accept potential failures and improve”

Rachel, Senior Business Development Manager

"It's an exciting time to be at the forefront of e-commerce! At Qoo10, I get to have meaningful hands-on experience in solving truly unique business challenges, and finding synergy across the many organisations we work with."