Baked mooncakes tend to be preferred as corporate gifts since they’re far less perishable than their fragile, atas cousins, the snowskins (PS: shameless plug, have you seen our previous feature on unique baked mooncakes? Well now you have.).

That said, nothing says “You’re special and worth it!” quite like a pretty box set of snowskin mooncakes. Rather than their traditional counterparts, snowskins are encased in a delicate layer of glutinous rice dough, similar to the texture of a mochi. The no-bake style opens snowskin mooncakes up to a variety of other fillings other than the more conventional lotus seed or yam pastes – mousses, fudges, pure├ęs, and even ice creams are some we’ve seen over the years.

If you’re looking for some unique snowskins to gift (or just to give yourself a Midautumn treat, why the heck not), here are our 5 recommendations from Qoo10. Remember to make your purchases early, so that you can plan a comfortable QX Quick delivery time before 13 September!

Aroma Premium Truffle Mao Shan Wang snowskin mooncake

Meet the ultimate mooncake flex. Anyone can whip up a durian mooncake these days. Mao Shan Wang mooncakes are a dime a dozen. But what happens when you pair the King of Fruits with the Diamond of the Kitchen?

Truffle Mao Shan Wang. Never thought we’d see this day, but here we are. This Dyonisian combination comes courtesy of local truffle specialists Aroma Truffle & Co. (hence that very subtle, gold-dusted A embossed atop each mooncake).

Ideal for discerning connoisseurs of strong and heavy flavours.

Duria Musang King snowskin mooncake

Alternatively, for tastebuds that may not agree with, or be too used to, the scent and taste of truffles, Duria offers a pure and simple premium durian snowskin mooncake. If you’re looking for something to involve Muslim relatives, friends, or colleagues in Midautumn festivities, any of Duria’s products are ideal, as the Malaysian confectionery is fully Halal-certified.

Gin Thye Acai Berry snowskin mooncake

Acai berries have achieved full celebrity status as a bona fide superfood, being nutrient-dense, chock full of antioxidants said to prevent cancer, and more. Profess your care and concern for someone’s health and wellness by gifting them these acai berry snowskins from local leading confectionery Gin Thye.

Gin Thye Lychee Chocolate snowskin mooncake

Also from Gin Thye, this lychee and white chocolate combination smoothly blended into white lotus seed paste makes for a lighter and more refreshing take on flavoured snowskin mooncakes. We think this’ll be more popular with the ladies, so you know what to do.

You’re welcome.

The Liquor Shop Premium Whisky snowskin mooncakes

Finally, for gifting whisky aficionados (*ahem* fatherinlaw *ahem*), The Whisky Shop Singapore wields its extensive knowledge of liquid gold with this set of whisky snowskin mooncakes. Featuring crowd favourites Suntory Umeshu, Yamazaki, Fireball, and Singleton, these delectable snowskins feature white chocolate balls infused with a whisky, surrounded by complementary flavoured pastes of yam, green tea, lotus paste, and dark chocolate.

How’s that for unique?