Started in November 2019, Yan Xi Tang managed to struggle and thrive through the closures and restrictions. In this chapter of Seller Sessions, we talked to the founder of Yan Xi Tang, Clement, as he shared the struggles and frustrations he had faced in this short span of 22 months.

Founder Story

Clement, started Yan Xi Tang with another partner in November 2019 selling floral and bubble teas. Then, the COVID-19 situation started to get a little out of control and the Circuit Breaker was announced. He thought that it was the end of the shop. However, as the government helped with some grants for F&B operators, Clement managed to see some light and the brand tided through.

He has also faced manpower shortage problems. Hence, Clement is handling everything from opening the store, doing marketing, HR till closing the store on his own. His current vision is to grow Yan Xi Tang as a local brand of Bubble Tea and open more stores in Singapore before heading overseas.

The slogan,

One flower, one world, one leaf, one bodhi

The flower meant their floral and fruit teas, Butterfly Flower Tea, Roselle Flower Tea. And the leaf means the Tea leaves used in Yan Xi Tang. One flower, one world actually means like a world to something/someone. Clement says: “To a caterpillar, the leaf is its world until it becomes a butterfly. To bees, flowers are its world. Our floral teas are made from real flowers, not artificial sugar or ingredients.”

Offline to Online

Yan Xi Tang’s offline shop is located at Kembangan, while they are listed on Qoo10 and other e-commerce and food delivery platforms. Clement decided to list their products online to increase sales as well as brand awareness. As their shop is located at Kembangan MRT, only people who are staying nearby or are commuting within Kembangan will get to know the shop.

Thus, when the products got listed online, buyers would purchase their vouchers to redeem and will get to know the brand. Some buyers even became their regular, even if they do not live nearby, after buying the e-vouchers!

Clement is also the person that is handling e-commerce operations and offer mechanics, so he is glad that Qoo10 has allocated an account manager to help him in his listings. He also noted that his investments in Social Media advertising does not really help in footfall. But in 3 months, Clement has received returns (higher footfall) through Qoo10 advertising. For offline stores or sellers that are not in e-commerce, you may apply for the ESG grant through Qoo10. More information here.

Future Plans

Yan Xi Tang only joined Qoo10 3 months ago but they will be joining major Qoo10 sale events in the future. Current future plans: To open more outlets in Singapore.

I am very fortunate that I’ve tided through all odds alone

– Clement

I’ve visited the store at Kembangan and I also personally tried some of their drinks from the Top 10 series. Their drinks are more focused on fruit teas but bubble tea shop staples, Milk tea with pearls are available.

Teas tried:

I think that the drinks from Yan Xi Tang are not the standard drinks that you can get from anywhere. The items are specially innovated fruit teas. All the fruit teas are actual fruits that are made into drinks and not artificial colouring!

The drinks are also made with a healthier choice in mind. Brown sugar is self-made and not artificial, which makes it healthier. Roselle tea is helpful for your digestive system and teas are brewed from actual tea leaves. At Yan Xi Tang, they try to self-make or brew most of the ingredients, which includes taro, brown sugar and teas.

Yan Xi Tang hopes to brighten up your day and share happiness with your friends.

Yan Xi Tang Qoo10 Shop