Life Truth #235: Just don’t attempt buying shoes for someone else (well, except for kids who haven’t yet developed any particular style or preference). Footwear is such a personal expression of one’s self and style, and it takes very intimate knowledge of a person, male or female, to know exactly what styles, materials, colours, and shapes they like in their shoes.

Today, we focus on the fundamental types of female footwear, and basic tips on how they pair up with various fashion styles. This knowledge, combined with your understanding of the other person’s individual tastes, may just help you defy the odds of Life Truth #235.


First off, slip-ons. As the name suggests, these are the easiest to get in and out of. Slip-ons generally fall on the casual side of the fashion spectrum, and matches well with pretty much all clothing types – skirts, dresses, pants, etc. This makes them ideal for a relaxing weekend out (left). Alternatively, if you’re looking to balance comfort and style, designs with more pointed tips easily sharpen your overall look, particularly when worn with pants (right) or less flowy skirts.


Flats sit on the middle of the fashion spectrum, and are applicable across a huge range of environments and looks. They’re great for offices that don’t require heels in its dress code or culture, which tends to be most offices today, aside from select environments like perhaps high fashion or hospitality. Jelly Shoes (left) are one of the most popular styles, and Melissa (right) is one of the biggest producers of flats in the world today.


On the casual end of fashion, there are few better ways to show off your sense of trend and style than with well-matched sneakers. Basic skater-type designs, such as those made by KEDS (left), match well if your lady prefers skinny denim or tapered pants. Chunky sneakers, like FILA’s signature kicks (right), look good when paired with denim shorts, shorter skirt styles, or athleisure wear like jogger pants or leggings. Good for casual Fridays, clubbing, and just about any weekend outing.


Finally, heels – the epitome of female footwear. Notorious for looking fabulous, while making the wearer feel as crappy as possible, heels sit on the formal side of the fashion spectrum. Perfect for occasions when your girl wants to impress – at formal dining appointments, interviews, weddings, or when you’re out to test your credit card limit by painting the town red. Ooze fairytale vibes with creative makes like glass block heels (left) paired with shorter dresses and skirts, or dress to kill with sharp stilettos (right) paired with jeans and Little Black Dresses (ask your girl about this).

And there you have it, short and simple – the four major types of female footwear any gentleman should know. If you’re gonna have to accompany your lady on shopping trips, at least you won’t have to do it cluelessly now.

Did we miss out any other major styles? Let us know in the comments below!