It’s quite cruel, when you think about it. A month-long holiday for children to be children, youths to be youths. And then, all within the span of 10 days, Christmas festivities, New Year celebrations, and then the immediate crushing reality that you have about 9 whole months of lessons, homework, and exams ahead of you.

Well, ’tis the season to prepare for sulky moods and tantrums on New Year’s night. Whether you’re a parent hoping to encourage your child as they take on another grueling year, or looking to give your inner kid some encouragement as term begins at university, here are some student accessories you may find useful.

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150 pc art set

For the kids with promising artistic talent (or parents desperately trying to awaken the Picasso within their child), this is the mothership that’ll be the envy of the class. With pretty much every major artistic medium used in primary and secondary school art lessons, plus a set of common stationery to boot, this mega set provides a more-than-healthy supply for your kid’s artistic needs.

Protips: if your child’s the forgetful type and starts losing pieces of the set, teach them to work with what they have. If your child’s a little too generous and lends things out without expecting them back, there’s a lesson in balance and moderation.

Alternatively, you can also teach them how to arrange the damn colors in order.

PS: if you’re feeling more fancy, you can always check out Faber Castell colour pencil sets with prices ranging from basic, to not cheap, to oh-my-god exorbitant.

Personalised belongings

Even if you or your kid aren’t hopelessly forgetful people, personalised gear is always a nice touch. A pencil case, notebook or water bottle embossed or imprinted with your name greatly lowers the chances of accidental swaps (or even theft).

Get the wristlet/pencil case here, bottle here, and notebook here. There are plenty more products on Qoo10 too that can be personalised, so do a quick search for what you want before you settle for something less and regret it later!

Digitally-convertible notebooks

If you tend to live life on the techie edge, and love the idea of preserving your diagrams, cheat sheets, and sketches from natural disasters like sudden thunderstorms, itchy-mouthed pets, and spilled coffee, you’ll want to check out Whitelines notebooks. 

Hailing from Sweden, these notebooks allow you to effortlessly digitise your scribbles and doodles with a companion smartphone app.

So the next time that one coursemate asks to copy the day’s notes (You know, The Leech: “Lecturer talk so fast also you can copy everything wah you really zai leh eh so can borrow not lemme photostat lah tomorrow I return you already promise promise.”), you can simply share them digitally, rather than let your precious notebook out of your hands and into their grubby paws.

Simply trendy backpacks

Whether you’re in Primary One or Year One, having a trusty backpack is an absolute must for transporting your 1001 student essentials around. If you’re looking for a simple design that still manages to exude style, this Korean-style carrier may do it for you.

With more than 20 color designs to choose from, there’s a combination for just about any personality type out there – from subtle and unassuming, to loud and lively.

Watch out!

Finally, a handy wristwatch. Some of us will always be early even without one, while some others will forever be hopelessly late even with (no judgment, but you know who you are!)

Since they were first introduced early 1980s, G-Shocks and Baby-Gs have been and continue to be a huge part of the urban fashion aesthetic. Over the years, Casio has found countless ways to perfectly marry style and durability. Where else will you find a watch that looks that sharp and snazzy, while also withstanding more shock than you’re probably able to take yourself?

And there you have it. 5 suggestions to send you (or your kid) off into the new semester with confidence and a smile. What other unique products would you suggest? Let us know in the comments below!