Wrists can say a lot about their owners. Observant individuals can pick out pretty big details about another person, from how they choose to adorn their wrists. Are they left handed or right handed? Do they like flashy statements, or prefer understated minimal shapes? Even empty wrists may mean something alongside other observations.

Today, we share our picks of wrist-worn accessories for all occasions!


Wristwatches. One of the best accessories we have on hand (GEDDIT) to project a suitable image for a suitable occasion. Out for a day long mountain biking tour? Slap on something lifeproof and sporty. Off to a formal banquet? Buckle on your finest dress watch.

Casio Baby-G

The eldest sister of modern watch design! It’s no accident that Casio’s Baby-G watches have flourished across a 25-year history, with no signs of slowing down. A chunky build, variety of watch face configurations, and myriad color combinations, not only give the Baby-G its ruggedness, but also makes for, ironically, a timeless aesthetic. Check out this mega-listing by WatchSpree for a whopping 113 of the Baby-G’s latest designs!

Casio “Petite Watches”

If you prefer a design less assertive than the Baby-G or G-Shock, there’s always the Petite Watches collection from Casio to check out. The series offers highly functional designs, while putting a splash of color, or class, onto your wrist.

Daniel Wellington

Just as Uniqlo and H&M have taken the world by storm with fast fashion, Daniel Wellington has enraptured the world with its highly refined designs. With minimalism at the core of its design language, Daniel Wellington watches celebrate the beauty of simplicity, at a price point that is affordable to all. Find your favorite color combination at the listing linked above.


Another popular affordable watch brand, Fossil various collections of watches capture both elegant looks and rugged styles. Find your ideal aesthetic, for both him and her, with no less than 200 unique designs to choose from right here.

Bangles & bracelets

Not one for watches on the wrist? Or wondering how you should glam up your other hand? Bangles and bracelets are as old as civilization, representing a million things: class, nobility, profession, age, or some other status. Today, we use these wrist accessories to show off our personality, and what a selection we have.

Inage stainless steel wrist accessories

If you’re partial towards clean designs, this brand is for you. Inage’s stainless steel bangles and bracelets add a subtle yet confident shine to your wrists, with a wide variety of motifs and finishes to choose from.

Omodays minimalist accessories

Alternatively, Omodays brings a Korean sense of minimalism into its bangles and bracelets. Its thin and slim products, intricately knotted or carefully decorated with a centerpiece, tell the story of a thousand words in a single picture.

Lazoer natural gemstone bracelets

Believer of cosmic and crystal energy? Don’t miss out on this one! Malaysia-based Lazoer specializes in all manner of 100% natural gemstone bracelets. With sizes and designs for both men and women, Lazoer is also ready to ensure that your purchased is customized to a perfect fit, via Live10 chat or shipping memo. Be sure to check out their range of products featuring terahertz healing stones from Japan!

MyShoppingPlace customizable wrist accessories

If you’re looking for something bolder and flashier, you’ll want to check out this listing by MyShoppingPlace. With bangles and bracelets sporting bright colorful gemstones set in a wide range of charms, these accessories are fully customizable, making it the perfect wristwear to fully and unabashedly express yourself.

Boom! 8 ways you can effortlessly jazz up your wrists! Did we miss out any must-have wrist accessory of yours? Let us know in the comments below!