In our previous post, we discussed a number of products that were designed to make office environments more ergonomic – stands to elevate your computer monitor to eye level, back cushions for lumbar support, and more.

But as the aunties and uncles love to say, good habits start from young, and in the comfort of your own home.

So here are five more products to consider introducing into your living spaces, so that you may sit and sleep better.

Ergonomic table and chair set for kids

The ErgoStudy series of posture-friendly tables and chairs for kids has reached its 8th generation product. Designed with built-in height adjustments for fast growing children, the set is advertised to be suitable for kids 110 – 175 cm tall (although if your kid is 175cm tall, it’s probably healthier to sit at a regular adult-sized table).

The table comes with a multitude of adjustment and convenience options, while featuring a tilting top to let your kid perform a whole variety of activities at optimal positions, be it reading, writing, or drawing. The chair also sports ergonomically curved bum and back rests, to ensure sitting comfort even for long periods of time.

Bodyluv Addiction Pillow

Highly endorsed and virally marketed by a whole host of Kpop stars, the Bodyluv Addiction Pillow boasts some 8 million micro air balls (made from foam) in each pillow that are flexible enough to accommodate your head’s shape, while maintaining ample support for your head and neck. Whether you’re a back sleeper or a side sleeper, the pillow’s design is perfectly contoured to offer a comfortable night’s rest.

Big bonus point: the pillow can easily be machine washed and dry quickly, as the micro air balls do not absorb water.

Foldable laptop table

If you’re one of those people who have no problem hiding in bed the entire day, bring ergonomics to you! A simple collapsible laptop table like this ensures that you can maintain a straighter back while working or surfing on your computer in bed. Now who says being lazy and ergonomics can’t go together?

Wedge cushion

In similar fashion, this modular wedge cushion promotes a healthier posture when used with your couch or sofa. The movable semi-cylindrical attachment can be used separately, or fixed onto the larger wedge in one of three positions. This lets you stay in a healthy and comfortable position, whether you’re taking a nap, lounging upright, or lazing on your stomach.

Clamp-on armrest

Finally, how many tables have we used that were way too small for us? Keep an ideal posture of straight and parallel arms and legs can get tiring, when you don’t have the luxury of a large or deep enough table to support your forearms. Fortunately, innovative minds have come up with this simple clamp-on extension that provides you with the exact support you need. When not in use, the extension also easily swivels to its side to stay out of the way.

The lack of good ergonomics is certainly a first-world problem. But with the fast pace of city life, we too easily forget that small habits like slouching or bending one’s neck unnaturally can evolve into far bigger chronic pains later in life.

What other ergonomic products are you using at home? Let us know in the comments below. And be sure to also read the first part of this topic on ergonomics in the office!