Seen this logo around Qoo10? Don’t know what it is? Boy are you missing out!

The pink-orange diamond represents Qprime, one of our many initiatives to help both our buyers and sellers save money and time.

Qprime is not a premium service, so no subscription or extra fees are needed – just a couple of conditions to fulfill, to help us help you! It is currently open to buyers on Qoo10 Singapore, and sellers from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, and Japan.

How Qprime works


Typical delivery options for a Qprime item over S$50

To be eligible as a buyer, every item you put into your shopping cart needs to be Qprime-qualified. Qualified items will have the diamond logo displayed under its shipping information, as shown above and below. Alternatively, for easy access to all Qprime items, you may also visit the Qprime Shop webpage.


When your shopping cart holds only Qprime-qualified items from Singapore, regardless of how many sellers you’re buying from, one of two things will happen.

If the total value of your cart is more than S$50, we’ll deliver your purchases to you for free! If the total value of your cart is less than S$50, you only need to pay one flat shipping fee of S$3.99 (rather than separate shipping charges for every store you buy from, as is the usual practice on Qoo10).


Typical shipping options for Qprime items below S$50

More recently, we’ve opened the Qprime programme to sellers from Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Japan, to bring the best of our overseas merchants closer to Singaporean buyers. Qprime shipping zones are divided by country – that means that you can ship qualified Malaysian or Indonesian products to your doorstep for a flat fee of S$4.99, and qualified Japanese or Korean products for S$5.99.

Best of all, complimentary shipping still applies when your total cart value per country exceeds S$50!


Now we know that’s a lot to absorb, so here’s a table to illustrate.

Qprime for sellers

With Qprime, we are lowering the costs and reducing the roadblocks in the way of the products you want, especially from overseas. By using Qxpress as our delivery network, our shipping commitments are the same as almost any other item you’ll find from Qoo10: 2-3 working days for local deliveries, and 4-5 working days for regional deliveries.

Buyers aren’t the only ones benefiting from this programme, though. Sellers sending out Qprime-qualified items also enjoy lower dispatch costs starting from S$1.99 – half the usual cost of S$3.99 – enabling them to move more of their inventory at significantly lower costs.

Try Qprime today!

If you regularly shop for everyday goods and amenities at Qoo10, chances are high that you’ll stand to save with Qprime. Check it out today, and let us know in the comments how you’ve benefited from the service. If you have any questions about the service, we’d love to hear them too!



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