Our previous article highlighting the top Korean products on Qoo10’s bestseller lists was a hit, so we thought we’d flick through the charts again to bring you a second edition!

While the earlier article featured quite a number of unusual products, like wet wipes (who knew? We’re still baffled) and instant porridge, the products this time round are a little more… conventional. Here’s what we found.

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GRN+ diet supplements

Popular weight loss brand GRN+ is officially selling its capsule-shaped, brightly-colored pill bottles on Qoo10! Its comprehensive range of dieting supplements ensure that you have the products that naturally complement your eating habits. Aside from the multitude of active ingredients that help you to effectively and healthily lose weight, GRN+’s products all come packed with essential vitamins and minerals, to keep your body energised and protected throughout the day.

Grafen Root Booster shampoo

Grafen’s signature shampoo product promises to protect against hair loss, while promoting healthier, shinier, stronger hair. Zeroing in on the roots of your hair and your scalp, the shampoo rids your head of harmful, alkaline oils while strengthening hair with 22 kinds of amino acids. On this product listing, buy two bottles of shampoo for a special price and get the much featured and highly reviewed Edge Finger silicone head scrub free!

Moremo Miracle hair treatment

Not too far behind Grafen is Moremo’s range of hair treatment products. The 3-step formula system is advertised as “ultra simple hair care”, claiming to soften and straighten damaged hair in just 10 seconds, with deep moisturisation. This range of products are particularly useful for keeping heavily dyed hair supple and strong.

Sulwhasoo gentle cleansing foam

Sulwhasoo should need no introduction. The luxury beauty brand’s products cover a wide range of price points, from exorbitantly priced premium creams and serums, to more affordable basic skincare such as this Gentle Cleansing Foam, which washes your skin while moisturising it, preparing it for any other skincare routines you may have.

Some By Mi blackhead bubble cleanser

Speaking of a deeper cleanse, Some By Mi’s Blackhead Bubble Cleanser is quite the work of art (and science). By harnessing the power of green tea extracts and nutrients, along with natural exfoliants, this all-in-one mask promises to completely remove blackheads in just 5 minutes. Check out the videos and GIFs on the product page’s description to see it in action, as the green tea mask automatically turns into thick and creamy foam! If your skin has deep pores that tend to easily attract blackheads, this is a must-try product, for a very affordable price.

Laneige skin care bestsellers

Finally, who can forget Laneige? The Korean beauty mothership’s massive range of products and choices mean that you are almost certain to find something to suit your need, in your favourite scent or flavour. This listing features more than 40 of Laneige’s bestsellers, including the newest products released in 2019.

So how many of these bestsellers are you already using? And how many will you be trying out after reading this article? Let us know in the comments below!