YAS, money in the bank! At least, for those of us who’ve linked our NRIC to PayNow. If you didn’t, don’t fret! Your money is just a couple days away.

With some of your hard-earned money back in your hands, you may be thinking about getting yourself a little treat. Perhaps something you’ve wanted that was never a big enough need to actually justify a purchase.

If you’ve decided to pamper yourself with the extra moolah, here are some of our best merchants, offering some dead serious bang for buck.


Vacuum cleaners great and small

Dibea‘s range of handheld cordless vacuum cleaners take on a very familiar design for a fraction of the associated price. The powerful motor in a compact, ergonomic form factor takes vacuuming to a whole new experience.

And if that’s still too much of a chore for you, there’s always the robot cleaners. These extra hard workers automatically map out your house’s layout, and can be programmed to systematically vacuum or mop the floor. The methodical S-shape sweeps ensure that there are no random missed spots.


Affordable gadgets for everyday awesomeness

Aukey is an up and coming international brand for premium mobile accessories and computer peripherals at non-premium prices. From all manner of charging devices, to wireless speakers and earbuds, to even gaming-spec RGB mice and mechanical keyboards, you’ll be hard pressed not find something from this store that’ll make your digital life a little breezier.


Traditional batik for the modern cantik

Hailing from Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Rianty Batik is about as authentic as it gets. With intricately painted fabrics tailored into sleek modern cuts for both men and women, you’ll be sure to impress family and friends when you break these out next Chinese New Year or Hari Raya.


Timepieces for all ages

Complicated chronographs? Chunky G-Shocks? Elegant Seikos? Minimalist Skagens? Creation Watches has it all, and more. With a catalogue of just under 2,500 products for sale, we challenge you not to find the perfect companion(s) to your wrist!


Cushy seats and comfy beds

Homegrown furniture maker Univonna specializes in sofas, beds and everything you can imagine in between. Plush reclining armchairs, sofa sets in multiple configurations, foldable tilams, and massive storage beds. (because who even has enough storage space in Singapore?) If you’ve been looking for furniture for your new home, or shopping around for some affordable upgrades to your living room and bedroom, look no further.