ZoukOut returns on 1 December 2018! The iconic rave event has reverted to a 1-day format this year, promising close to 16 hours of non-stop electronic music.

We’re guessing a good number of attendees will be old birds at the game. You’ve probably booked your nearby hotel, split pre-game supply duties amongst your mates, and planned your outfit adjustments along with the time of day. Well… mostly night, but there is sunlight at the start and end, and you’re on an open beach in Singapore. It’ll be hot.

If, however, this is your first rodeo, and you’re very slightly panicking after reading that last paragraph, relax and read on. We’ve got you covered.


I. Attire

Ok look, we don’t think you’re stupid. You may, however, be idealistic, which is lethal for grime-fest like ZoukOut. So yes, it’s organized by Zouk. No, you shouldn’t be dressing to impress. You’re on a beach. It. Will. Be. Hot.

Leave your Fred Perrys and CKJs and Yeezys at home. Come in your most comfortable singlets (those beer-brand/Red Bull ones seem to be an eternal favorite for some reason) and board shorts.

As for footwear, few things combine comfort and quality better than Havaianas flip-flops. With firm yet cushy rubber soles, the world-famous Brazilian slippers will help protect your feet from dangerous objects while preventing that annoying build up of sand in covered shoes.


2. Portable power

Few phones today will survive 16 hours on a single charge, unless it’s used most sparingly. We’re talking no Instagram stories, posting or watching. No taking photos or recording videos. No flicking through Facebook while you’re bored. Airplane mode 90% of the way, unless you need to regroup with friends you’ve lost in the crowd.

So it should go without saying to have a powerbank and cable with you to keep your phone juiced. But powerbanks come in all shapes and sizes, and many of them are either too bulky, or too low in capacity to support your phone through the night.

We think Xiaomi’s slim 10,000mAh powerbank strikes a perfect balance, holding a good amount of charge without being too much of a burden to carry around.

While we’re on the subject of powerbanks, you may also wanna get yourself a USB-powered mini fan. Night or day, rain or shine, Siloso Beach gets more stuffy than a Thanksgiving turkey.


3. Storage

While friends in Europe dream of a white Christmas, Singaporeans should know to expect rain, rain, and heavier rain. There’s a more-than-decent chance the skies will sprinkle some party fuel on you at some point in the night.

Besides arming yourself with ponchos, keep your valuables and electronics safe and dry with waterproof pouches. These are primarily made for smartphones, so you should still be able to operate the touchscreen through the plastic. Most premium smartphones these days tend to already be water-resistant, but in addition to water, these pouches can keep fine sand away from your phone, should you accidentally drop it on the beach.

It’s a very crowded place. Anything can happen.

As for all your other valuables and random knick-knacks you may want to have with you, get yourself a hidden waist pouch – the same type of pouch you would use while traveling. And seriously, please don’t bring your credit or debit card out. There’s just no need to even take the risk of losing the card, when you can use Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Or just, cold hard cash man. It’s still a thing in 2018, trust us.


4. Cameras & lenses

No, don’t bring your professional DSLRs in either, unless you’re official media.

Smartphone cameras are getting incredibly good these days. If you aren’t sure your smartphone’s camera lens can do the job, get clip-on lenses to widen the angle of the lens, or create a fish eye effect – a favourite for dynamic, dramatic photos.

Alternatively, if you’re real serious about catching close up shots of your favourite DJ spinning, you may want to try this telephoto clip-on lens for smartphones. With an advertised 12x zoom, you should still be able to catch amazing shots while standing at the back, away from the humid, sweaty crowd. Trying to reduce camera shake, while managing autofocus and exposure, will be a challenge though. But hey, anything for the ‘gram, right?

Or here’s another idea for some unforgettable memories: strap an action camera to your head or chest to catch some POV video. The next time you’re telling your friends about that sick beat drop, or get into an argument about who passed out first, you’ll have video proof.

Not quite willing to spend on a costly GoPro? Check out its brother from a Chinese mother, the SJCam 5000.


5. Party lights

Finally, the fun stuff! Raves like ZoukOut are your opportunity to let go and enjoy yourself to the fullest. (You may get judgy looks, but you didn’t pay more than $100 to care what people think of your alien frog dance moves)

Light sticks are the perfect accessory to spicing the night up. There’s a magical effect that happens when people see each other wearing light stick bangles, or light stick spectacles, or light stick crowns. It’s a mutual acknowledgement that you’re both here to party your hearts out, and make the night unforgettable.

Or if you want to spring for the quintessential douchey LED shades, hey, whatever floats your boat man.

No judgment.


Be prepared

So there you have it! Check these off your list, and you’d be more prepared to conquer ZoukOut than the British ever were to defend against the Japanese.

Too soon?

Just remember still got security check ok. Mai geh kiang.