All Hallow’s Eve will soon be upon us once again! Here in Asia, we don’t take the candy bit quite as seriously as our American friends do. In recent years however, Halloween has become a(nother) splendid excuse to party, dress up, and generally be silly.

If you’re planning to do any of that, here are some items that we think will add spooky spice to your celebrations this October.


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Frightfully flashy lights

Few things are more effective for getting the room into a macabre mood than these Halloween and horror-themed lights. From portable lamps and glowing pumpkin baskets, to skull-headed LED lights, these are guaranteed to turn up the atmosphere by several notches.


Alarmingly awesome accessories for horrible humans

Invited to a major house party? Going to that club’s Halloween event where everyone will be at? You know, like, everyone.

If you’re wondering how you can dress to impress, these flashy adornments and over-the-top costumes will turn a few heads, and may* just help you win the best costume contest.


* May only ah, don’t hold us to it!


Atrociously adorable accessories for petrifying pets


If you don’t already have enough photos of your furkid in your phones, these costumes make the paw-fect excuse to snap a few thousand more.

PS: Qoo10 takes no responsibility if you get swiped by your grumpy cat for trying to stick a pair of wings on. No means no hooman, get a hint.


Chillingly cool ice

If you’re hosting the party this year, you’ll wanna get these ice moulds ASAP. These thematic shapes will make for some strikingly scary treats, whether you’re planning for a family-friendly potluck, or a fancy whisky tasting session. If you do get them, remember that they aren’t the biggest trays, so start producing your ice a couple of days in advance to ensure that you’ll have enough by the time the party rolls around.

Protip: Aside from ice, these moulds can also be used for creative jellos or agar-agars, or for more skilled brewers, custom chocolate shapes!