With National Day falling on a Friday and Hari Raya Haji just two days later, August 2019 sees a rare 4-day long weekend for Singaporeans (Weekend ++? Weekend Deluxe? Weekend Pro? whatever you want to call it really).

If like us, you’ve been a little too caught up in life, and find the otherwise juicy holiday looming over you with no plans in mind, perhaps our selection of e-ticket items can help you.

E-tickets on Qoo10

Much like what you may find in your inbox when buying tickets to a movie or theatre show online, e-tickets are vouchers that allow you to redeem previously purchased goods at its offline destination. On Qoo10, e-ticket purchases are made easier when you have the Qoo10 app, since the ticket details are automatically saved to your Qbox, available to be retrieved anytime.

Here are just some of our e-ticket item listings that you can think about getting in advance for the epic weekend ahead!

Batam hotel stay packages

We’ve just under two weeks left to Mega Weekend, but it’s not too late to plan a short getaway to our closest Southern neighbour, Batam! A simple search will show that Qoo10 has a variety of hotel stays ranging in price and features, so that you can pick the accommodation that best suits your needs and budget. This listing is for the beautiful Radisson Hotel, which, at least from photos, looks like the sort of place you can enjoy hiding in until it’s time to get back to the ferry terminal for your trip home.

Since many of these listings are packaged tours, our advice is to read extra carefully what is included and what isn’t, to avoid unnecessary payments and rude shocks when all you wanted was to relax and mentally switch off. If ever in doubt, contact the seller, or look for alternative listings to purchase if you can’t reach them in time.

Batam/Bintan ferry return tickets

If you don’t have the feels for staying overnight, you can get plenty done with day trips to either Bintan or Batam too! Getting e-tickets in advance are helpful in securing your ideal departure timings, as well as skipping unnecessary queues that can easily pile on the stress, especially if you have dependent family members to care for. Again, this is supposed to be switch-off time, so do your stressing in advance.

And remember to print the tickets out!

Sentosa museums

You don’t need to add stamps to your passports to have a good time. Be a tourist in your own country and pay a visit to Sentosa’s museums! This ticket gives you access to the Trick Eye museum at Resorts World Sentosa, as well as Madame Tussauds and the Images of Singapore live tour at Sentosa’s Imbiah Lookout. That’s easily a whole afternoon or day settled.

Facial session

Pamper yourself! This 90-minute facial session is offering a first session for a special introductory price, and uses natural enzymes extracted from pineapples and papayas that have shown particular effectiveness in healing dermatological wounds and breaking down dead skin tissue. Pick 1 of 6 available session types according to your unique facial needs, or consult with the wellness centre’s certified beauticians to find out what works best for you.

Mr Bean specials

Or if you’d really rather just potate at home and enjoy some peace and quiet before the resuming the madness of daily life on Tuesday, there’s always Mr Bean’s inventive beverages and desserts to enjoy with friends and family. Simply get your e-ticket on Qoo10, and bring it to any eligible store to get your sweet, soy-based refreshment.