In the same way that large forums or discussion sites like Reddit periodically spawn the most random, inexplicable memes, the tens of millions of product listings on Qoo10 are bound to include some unusual items – that actually resonate with people. Here is what caught our eye while flicking through the Bestsellers page.

Pearly Bandung Soya Milk

Okay so let’s be clear – we’re firm believers of not knocking it until we’ve tried it. Theoretically though, where do we begin with this? There’s just so much going on in this violently Asian beverage. The saccharine rose syrup will probably be the first to hit your taste buds, followed by the reassuring weightiness of the soya milk. How will the beany flavours of the latter harmonise with the aggressively floral notes of the former? Will they jostle for your attention, maintaining two distinct flavours in your mouth? Or will they blend together in a perfect fusion that took humankind too long to discover?

And then, right up there in the Just Because We Can hall of fame, pearls.

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Himalaya Salt Mint Lemon Candy

Okay, so this isn’t really strange or unusual. Savvy snackers out there will immediately recognize these as the latest confectionery trend. The out-of-this-world mix of refreshing mint, tart lemon, and that almost savoury touch of salt – all in one thumbnail-sized candy – makes for the addictive sweet you never knew you needed. Yet another awesome example of not judging a book by its cover.

Feed that addiction (or fight the post-lunch food coma, whatever makes you feel better) with this box of 12 packs.

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Xtreme Candy

Speaking of candy though, here’s one you will definitely want to keep away from the kids.


The malt candy contains extracts of cynomorium songaricum (probably better known as suoyang in Mandarin), ginseng, coffee, and pomegranate, along with hydrolysed proteins and enzymes, to make a potent stimulant for the horizontal mambo.

Indeed, the numerous customer reviews (including one or two more explicit ones, if you need that to be convinced), bear witness to its apparently immediate aphrodisiac effects, and separately, the merchant’s lightning-fast delivery and discrete packaging.

These don’t come cheap either, at $25 for a smaller pack of 5 sweets, or (currently) almost $100 for a box of 30 pieces.

The product listing advises to consume the candy on an empty stomach, drink plenty of water, and take a hot shower for best results. Make of that what you will. Your mileage may vary.

Portable EMS Massage Pads

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices have been around for decades, but constantly improving technology, as it always seems prone to do, has helped to miniaturise the modules of late – small enough to fit onto the adhesive pad itself.

Now, why you would need carry this around is a bit of a mystery to us. If your body is aching that much, perhaps what you need is a couple days’ rest, or like, an actual massage to undo the knots in your muscles.

If however, you’re prone to over-exerting yourself in the gym, and walking into office the next day with all the regrets in the world, this could be a tidy, un-intrusive way of easing your aching tendons while you go about your work, or even during the commute to/from office.

Foldable Recliner Chair

Finally, this. Do you miss the unencumbered luxury of a business class seat? Or perhaps watched a movie that one time in GV’s Gold Class or Cathay’s Platimum Suites, absolutely loved that experience, but don’t quite want to pay for it again?

Here it is. The lovechild of comfort and convenience. For the special nights with your boo, or those other nights you just really need to lean back and clear your mind along with half a bottle of wine. For the Sundays out on your tiny sun-baked balcony, or the Saturdays where your wiry grampa or granny comes over for the afternoon to spend time with your family but both the plush leather sofas and hard dining table chairs are too uncomfortable for their aging backs.

Or go glamping with it. Why the hell not. Remember your fairy lights.