As an equatorial island, Singapore’s weather is pretty dang humid. But you already know that. You may also already know that just because we constantly perspire, doesn’t mean that our skin stays constantly and adequately moisturised.

Today, we’re sharing some of our recommendations for products made to preserve and protect your youthful skin, and reverse the effects of a merciless sun.


Not only do brightening products do their job of bringing a luscious glow to your face, it commonly includes sunblocking properties so that you can go about your day in confidence. While face creams usually have some measure of sunblock in its ingredients, consumed supplements like the ones below have other unique ways of promoting UV resistance.

Whitening Supplement by Crystal Tomato

By their own product description, Crystal Tomato’s Whitening Supplement provides “care from within”. Its tablets are packed with the very best nutrients found in rare white tomatoes, manages your body’s melanin levels, and includes “a wealth of antioxidants” that work to produce a natural sunscreen for your skin.

BB Lucent C by Chocola

Straight out of Japan, Chocola’s BB Lucent C tablets are chock full of vitamins as well as L-Cysteine, a semi-essential amino acid and essential ingredient of naturally formed anti-oxidants. These active ingredients work to control melanin, treat blemishes and brown spots, as well as improve blood flow in the skin, normalize skin metabolism, and ultimately help to restore healthy skin.

UV Bright by Kinohimitsu

A homegrown bestseller (how many of you knew that?), Kinohimitsu hardly needs any more introduction as a brand name. Its range of all natural “beauty functional drinks” have won industry awards and loyal customers. In particular, the UV-Bright drink promises to aggressively wage war against the harmful effects of the sun’s UV rays, with a potent mixture of grape seed extract (OPC), Vitamin C, and fruit juices loaded with antioxidants, into your system. As with their other products, Kinohimitsu boasts initial results in 6 days, and a stark difference in just a month.

Salmon DNA by BHK

Hailing from Taiwan, BHK’s bestseller, Salmon DNA capsules, contains high quality, Japan-patented Salmon Milt Extract, one of the world’s best sources of DNA. Salmon milt has long been revered as a powerful product that improves overall health and longevity by helping in the repair of damaged genetic code and cells, while boosting growth and even enhancing beauty. Amongst its many other effects, it’s also known to help heal acne scars and repair dark spots.


If you’re starting to worry about wrinkles, crow’s feet, and loosening skin, these products may be what you’re looking for. Anti-aging supplements help the body restore the vitality of youth by boosting and encouraging production of key chemicals that naturally repair and patch up the body, particularly its exterior.

Anti-aging Reveratrol by Nano Singapore

Resveratrol is one of the most powerful and most easily accessible anti-oxidants you can find today. It is naturally found in red wine, so really, you needn’t feel that guilty about tipping yourself a glass every night. Makes you happier, lets you sleep better, helps you live longer. What’s there to hate? If you just don’t agree with the taste of wine though, or alcohol really isn’t your thing, there are plenty of reservatrol extracts out in the market, such as this one by Nano Anti-Aging.

Super OPCs by Labo Nutrition

We talked briefly about OPCs earlier – grape seed extract. Labo+’s Super OPCs takes the supplement to the next level, with a whopping 150mg of the best extracts from France, prepared as an isotonic powder, making for a pleasant and nutrient-packed drink every morning to start off your day.

Deer Placenta by Holistic Way

Okay, so, hear us out. We know – neither the words “deer” or “placenta” sound very good, and they sound intimidatingly weird when said together. But as the “warehouse” of precious life-giving nutrients, placentas are increasingly sought after in some communities. This extract by Holistic Way packs the very best of this miracle… food…? into much more consumable tablets.

Time Perfection by Imedeen

The skin’s decreasing ability to maintain hydration is what eventually causes lines, wrinkles, brown spots or visible blood vessels to appear in older age. To combat this, Imedeen’s Time Perfection tablets bring together LycoPhence, tomato and grape seed extracts, Vitamin C and zinc, to deliver a holistic supplement that restores skin health, and enables more hydration for more youthful looking skin.