Customers, merchants, partners and friends, we have some exciting news for you as you prepare yourselves for Singles’ Day 2019! 🙂

Qoo10 is taking a huge step in expanding its shopping ecosystem, by welcoming a new member to our family. Say hello to Shopclues, a popular e-commerce site in India.Like Qoo10, Shopclues places a huge focus on the Small and Medium Businesses of India, featuring a mindblowing count of more than 700,000 merchants under their belt.

As Shopclues merges with Qoo10, customers from Qoo10 can look forward to gaining more and more unrestricted access to authentically Indian products from these 700,000 merchants and more. Saris, shirts, jewelry, accessories, skincare… you name it! Our teams are working hard to bring the best of South Asian e-commerce right to your doorstep.

Merchants aren’t being left out of this party either. As we cut out the multiple roadblocks that are usually present in international e-commerce, sellers from Qoo10’s markets – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China – will find their prospects widened to India’s huge and rapidly growing market of 475 million internet users. Like Qoo10’s customers gaining access to Indian products, India’s shoppers will be able to buy the hottest products in Southeast Asia.

And at the end of the day, that is what we’re all about – breaking down barriers and helping anyone, shoppers and merchants alike, harness the full and formidable power of cross-border e-commerce.

Ready to get your fill of bona-fide Indian products? Check out the India Express shop on Qoo10, and remember to follow it to stay in touch! More goodies are on their way.