Only 2 weeks left to Christmas.

Jeng jeng jenggg.

If you’ve been making a list, and checkin’ it twice, your presents are probably wrapped up and all ready to go.

If you thought Christmas was still 4 weeks away, and are starting to sweat right now, you’re still in luck. The next 3 days will be your last chance to do any shopping if you want to get your goods before the 25th. So mai tu liao!

And if you were actually holding out on buying any gifts to see what e-commerce platforms have to offer during the 12.12 online sale event, then steady lah you. That’s some next-level confidence, and we salute you for it.

Since it’s the last major sale event for the year, we’re going all out to close 2018 with a bang – and that means plenty of great deals coming your way from 11 – 13 December! Below are 5 ideas for your last minute gift getting. Be sure to check out our 12.12 event page for more!

Pokemon fur slippers

With 4 unique colours that are striking without going over-the-top, these flip flops are the perfect accessory for diehard Pokemon fans to proclaim their undying love for Pikachu & Co.

Yeah, eat that, Balenciaga. You ain’t got nothin’ on this.

Catch ’em all right here for $26.90, or a special price of $23.90 only on 11 December! 

Dolce Gusto Jovia capsule coffee machine

Dolce Gusto machines (any one of them, really) make a sleek addition to any kitchen’s countertop. With 18 unique flavours of just about any kind of coffee, and an increasing selection of teas to choose from, Nescafe’s space age, pod-like devices make the perfect gift to introduce your family and friends to the wonders of capsule coffee.

Buy 8 capsule packs for $95.20 and get the Jovia machine absolutely free!

(Or buy the machine and get 8 capsule packs of your choice free, whatever floats your boat better)

Check out this tasty brew over here.

Armaggeddon Ultimate MKA 11-R mechanical RGB keyboard

Once you go mech, you never go back. And if you’re looking to spread some mechanical love (not like that, don’t be dirty) to your friends this Christmas, here’s your perfect opportunity, courtesy of homegrown gaming peripherals brand Armaggeddon. #SingaporeRepresent

Fitted with OUTEMU Blue switches, every key switch on the MKA 11-R can nevertheless be swapped out on-the-fly for red, brown and black switches. The KevlarTech keycaps also come with a lifetime fade-proof warranty, and RGB lights are completely customizable. In other words, there’s everything you’ll ever need to make this keyboard fit like a bespoke tailored glove.

Tap into this deal at an irresistible group buy price of $69.90, or the honestly criminal price of $57.90, only on 11 December. Free shipping somemore leh.

DeLonghi Icona Toaster

Yet another brand that specialises in visually sexing up kitchens, DeLonghi devices never fail to look good, while reliably doing its job.

In addition to good ol’ browning, DeLonghi’s Icona series toaster features additional heat options such as reheat, defrost, one-side bagel (you’ll be thankful when you actually need this), and cancel.

Let’s get this bread (toaster) at $89, or a red-hot price of $67 on 11 December only.

Baby rompers and outfits by Homie

Not sure what to get your friend’s new kid? Toddlers can never have too many clothes! With a massive range of more than 400 adorable designs to choose from, raise your godfather/godmother score by a few points with an outfit or two from Homie, right here, at $4.90 each.

Specially for 11 December, outfits are 1-for-1!