When it comes to drinking water, our customers clearly had a hard time settling on the right cup to hold it in. After all, with five different flavours – Mixed Berry, Orange, Apple, Peach and Cola – how do you even begin picking a favourite?

If you don’t know what The Right Cup is, you’re probably extremely confused right now.

The Right Cup

Simply put, The Right Cup is a flavoured cup that tricks your brain into smelling different scents as you take sips from it. When plain water is poured into an Orange-flavoured cup, for example – you guessed it! That plain water will taste like it’s orange-infused as you drink it.

The Right Cup is a novel innovation to encourage users to drink more water every day. It’s an act we take for granted, and really, a whole lot of us drink much less than is healthy for our bodies.

More importantly, it makes an excellent alternative for those who absolutely love drinking sugary fruit cordials, or sweetened local favourites like teh peng or iced lemon tea.

It’s no serious problem ordering a sweet drink to go with your meals at hawker centres or food courts. However, at home, in office, or school, many of us continue chugging these same syrupy drinks. And that’s where unhealthy dependencies, or even addictions, to sugared drinks may start to develop. And let’s call it for what it is: drinking these drinks do not contribute to your recommended 8 glasses of water a day.

With The Right Cup, you can enjoy plain water in your favourite flavours. Some may say it’s a trick, but hey, if it gets the job done with no unhealthy side effects, what’s not to love about it? No sugar, preservatives , no calories.

Just good, old, plain water.


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