Procrastination is always at its best when you are only looking for a gift for your secret santee on the day of the Christmas meetup! We all know you have done it before, well, at least you still got a gift. However, I was a little disappointed when my Secret Santa told me that my gift is still on delivery upon my Christmas gathering last week despite placing orders on another platform on 12.12… So to avoid any disappointment, buy these following products with QX Quick same-day delivery!

p.s. today is Christmas Eve. 🙂

1. Full Wing Japan Pillow

Get a night of good sleep with a Full Wing Japan Pillow! Reviews on the pillow states that the pillow has helped in several buyer’s neck problems and has an average of 4-5 stars reviews. QX Quick, QPrime and store pick up options available.

2. Bubble Hair Color

Prepare for a change in hair colour with bubble hair dye – super easy and fast DIY hair dye. Your Santee will be ready for the new year with a new hair colour. QX Quick and QPrime delivery options available.

3. Juice Blenders

Your loved ones will be able to enjoy a glass of fresh fruit juice every day with a portable juice blender. The blender is able to create fresh fruit or vegetable juice, smoothie, milkshake and even supplementary food for infants! A creative and useful gift for all. QX Quick and Qprime delivery options available.

4. Perfume Diffuser

Best Christmas gift choice – 2 diffusers for the price of 1! Choose from different scents, suitable for different area/rooms. View their product listing for the suggested scents for each area/rooms here. QX Quick and QPrime delivery options available.

5. Standing Fan

Know someone who has just gotten their new house or moved recently? A standing fan would make a good nice house-warming gift for your loved ones! QX Quick and QPrime delivery options available.

Tip: Send bulky items as a “Gift” so that you can save the trouble of bringing the heavy items around! The gift will be sent to your Santee/loved ones, read more about it here.