We spend so much of our lives being out and about in public spaces – school, work, outings, official functions – with hundreds of unspoken dressing rules to conform to social etiquette. If we don’t get to dress as comfortably as we want at home, where else will we be able to?

This week, we take a look a sample of the many types of loungewear and sleepwear available on Qoo10 – clothing that allows you to move, relax, and sleep with ease in the sanctuary of your own home.


The name of the game in loungewear is comfort and airiness. In colder countries, the latter would instead be cosiness and warmth, but unless you’re the type to turn your air-con down to 16°C, then bury yourself under three layers of thick blankets, Singapore’s warmer weather necessitates free-flowing air for comfort as you rest. Go sleeveless, or keep it loose.


Keeping it loose is just as important. Why restrict your own movement at home? You have no one to impress. (Aside from your hubby or boyfriend, on certain special occas– y’know what, that’s another blog post for another week.) Stay stretchy and flexible with flared shorts, stretch pants, or a skirt made of cooling linen.


Feeling extra lazy after a hard day at work? Don a dress and be done with it. Shrug on this cotton cloud dream and you won’t even remember dropping off to sleep.


Finally, dedicated sleepwear. Take your pick of short sleeved jammies, or curl up with long-sleeved options. Your only regret will be having to give them up and replace them in a few years when they get worn out.