If you’ve used Qoo10 at all, chances are pretty high that you’ll also be familiar with Qxpress, our logistics and delivery company. You may recognize them from the red vans (mostly) that ply the roads throughout the day, or the delivery riders dressed in a hard-to-miss purple polo, with QXPRESS boldly embossed across the back in white, as seen above.

Typically, Qxpress completes domestic deliveries within 2 or 3 working days. The frequent users reading this may even have seen Qx Quick in action, where you get time-sensitive products or perishable food delivered to your doorstep at just the right time (pen cai for Chinese New Year, anyone?).

Now what if we told you that you could use these services for your own, non-Qoo10 needs? Qdelivery uses the very same delivery riders you know to offer couriering services, with normal service delivering your parcel by the next working day, or urgent service to send packages within 3 hours.

Here are 4 ways in which Qdelivery can help you.

I. Sick days

Stomach trouble? Getting feverish? Just not feeling the office today? Send one of our drivers to pick your laptop up from the office. The 3-hour Qx Quick service gives you ample time to visit the doctor, get your meds, and dabao lunch before coming home to receive your laptop and work from home, in peace, at your own pace, in the afternoon.

Just remember to let your colleague know. It’ll be a little challenging for our rider to stride into your office and take your laptop without getting seriously interrogated.

II. Occasions

Going big for a particularly significant anniversary? Planning an elaborate surprise? Send teaser gifts to your significant other with the help of Qdelivery’s next-day services (just be doubly sure you’ve planned correctly). Or, be super extra and get as many separate couriers as you have gifts, to shower it on your lucky other half all at once.

How’s that for attention grabbing?

III. Repairs

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of encountering a lemon product (faulty products that managed to slip past the QC process), you’ll know how it feels to find out that the product’s super ulu service centre is only open on weekdays, from 9am – 5pm. Liddat where got time??

We feel you man. We’ve been there. Bring your faulty product along with you to your office, and call the service centre so that they know to receive your product from one of our purple-topped delivery riders. Get another rider to retrieve your replacement whenever it’s ready, and send it right back to your office.

Unless it’s a washing machine or 60″ 4K TV. Then maybe don’t drag it with you to the office.

IV. Marketplace purchases

Got something off Carousell, or a local eBay seller? If your seller can only afford self-collections or meet-ups, but you can’t, send a Qdelivery rider along to get the job done! Just know that by doing so, our riders are unlikely to be able to help check your purchases to make sure its condition is as advertised.

And there you have it! Just some ways our Qdelivery couriering services can help take a few tasks off your busy schedules. Have you used Qxpress or Qdelivery in ways other than what we’ve listed? Share it with us in the comments below!