Have you been reading up on your zodiac’s forecasts for the Year of the Pig? While most of us don’t follow horoscope predictions day-to-day, we generally can’t resist some indication of how our year or month will be like. As they say, knowing is half the battle won.

Many finer details in predictions seem to depend on how each fengshui master chooses to contextualise and interpret their astrological calculations, so readings can be quite different from each other.

If you haven’t seen your zodiac’s predictions for 2019, or are looking for a second or third opinion, Qoo10 has partnered with the amesome folks at Way Fengshui Group to share their predictions on our Facebook page.

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Posted by Qoo10 on Saturday, 26 January 2019

In addition to the key predictions, you can also check out your zodiac’s benefactors, auspicious destinations to visit, and lucky colours for this lunar year. Also be sure to catch our interview with Way Fengshui Group’s CEO Mark Tan, as he addresses common fengshui myths, and shares his thoughts on why fengshui is still very relevant in the 21st century.

Curious about Fengshui? TOP 6 THINGS TO KNOW! | Qoo10 x Way Feng Shui Group

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Download Way Fengshui’s more detailed 2019 Survival Guide, available free-of-charge in both English and Mandarin, by visiting their 2019 webpage.

Fengshui, Part II

There is, of course, more to fengshui than simply trying to divine the future. Beyond prediction, fengshui also draws on colours, precious stones, and symbols to deflect negative flow away from you, while steering a positive flow of luck, wealth, love, career, studies, and more into your life and living spaces.

Way Fengshui’s official store on Qoo10 features 2019’s full almanac, fengshui guides for the year, and a selection of ornaments to wear as accessories while naturally attracting positive vibes to yourself.

More importantly, the store also features precious stone bracelets and pendants created specially to complement your zodiac’s projections for 2019’s Year of the Pig!

For example, those belonging to the Pig zodiac are expected to run low on health and wealth this year. As a counter to this, Way Fengshui recommends the Eye of Wisdom pendant, designed to attract more general luck, health and wealth to the wearer.

There’s something for everyone, so be sure to check out the links and see how you can make 2019 even better for yourself!