So we recently partnered up with the awesome folks from BT21 and BTS SG to do a Twitter giveaway. 7 lucky fans will win one of these super adorable BT21 medium standing dolls! To all the ARMYs who’ve sent your responses in so far, thank you so much for your support! <3 And yes, we’re seeing the GIFs too 😉

If you weren’t aware of this contest, and are reading this before 14 October 2018 ends, you still have time to enter and stand a chance to win! Check out the instructions in the image above, then click on it to go to Twitter to send in your replies.

It’s been 4 days since the contest began, with 2 days left to go. We got real curious about which characters were leading in the replies so far, so we went searching for answers. Here’s what we found, with the help of a hashtag keyword generator.

Yup! Chimmy currently has the clear lead, followed closely by Cooky, Tata, and Koya.

Are these results expected? Surprised by anything you see? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!