Unlike TVs, sofa sets, bedsheets, or computers, tableware – the term to loosely describe anything you might find on a dining table, like cutlery, plates, bowls, place mats, cups – isn’t something we think about upgrading periodically. In fact, it isn’t even something we think about, unless you happen to be building your new home right now.

But why should that be so? Good-looking tableware can leave a positive, lasting impression on your house guests. And with more young Singaporeans picking up on the practice of elaborate dinner parties, sleek tableware aesthetics contribute to achieving that perfect evening.

With simplicity and elegance as the key, here’s what you can find on Qoo10.

Runners, placemats, & napkins

Aside from keeping the table clean, table runners and placemats have come to be used as a way to zone the table, portioning the space in the center as neutral territory for condiments and cutlery, and marking individual seating spaces.

For runners, check out this pattern print, or a more rustic burlap/lace combination.

Or if you’re just looking for a nice set of placemats, there are vinyl/polyester, woven, or linen styles to choose from, and more.

Depending on your personal preferences, small cloth pieces can be used interchangeably as placemats or napkins. Check out these simple and Japanese-inspired napkins.

Serving trays, presentation boards, & cutlery

Go vintage by serving your lovingly prepared dishes directly on wooden boards, or use them as trays to insulate your table from fresh-out-of-oven casseroles. Check out this range made with lighter-coloured beech wood, or this range with options for darker shades of brown.

Alternatively, make a striking statement with natural slate plates, or (imitation) marble boards.

As for utensils, this richly-coloured cutlery set brilliantly complements just about everything we’ve suggested so far, from faded linen placemats, to beech serving boards, or stone plates! Get the two-piece fork and spoon set, or the three-piece set shown above (with Japanese-style chopsticks).

Plates & bowls

If you prefer ceramic/stone looks for your plates, we’ve got some pretty awesome buys – elegantly yet minimally painted plates with classy (and slightly bling) gold trimming, or this whole range of various dinnerware, including bowls, with a marble-like finish.

If you’re leaning towards more wood on the other hand (never too much wood in life IYKWIM), check out this range of beech wood plates, or this range made of rubber tree wood. Alternatively, this collection of zebra wood plates are beautifully finished, although a little pricey. For something different, consider using shallower trays, like these ones, as plates!

For wooden bowls, here are shallow bowls (good for carbs of any kind!) in lighter beech, or darker acacia. Or check out this huge range of Japanese-style bowls, in various shapes and sizes.

Cups & coasters

Finally, drinks! Whisky tumblers double up very well as water glasses. Plus, you’re all ready to transition to liquid gold once dinner is done! Alternatively, check out this very pretty series of cups imprinted with Peranakan patterns.

For coasters, there are natural bark wood slices – finished or unfinished – or you can always fall back on good ol’ slate. Alternatively, these wooden pallet-style coasters are also adorable… although we think they’re a little impractical for a coaster’s job of keeping condensation away from the table.

PS: if you are going to be enjoying whisky after your sumptuous meal, don’t forget the spherical ice moulds. Or, if you have patience and discipline, these singular ice moulds produce round, cubic, or cylindrical ice.

And there you have it! Everything you need to transform your humble dining table into a Dionysian palace. Have we missed out any must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!