Have you ever wondered why our power outlets aren’t all just fitted with universal sockets?

It’s 2018, and with e-commerce, consumers (yes, us too) have become very used to buying electric equipment from all around the world – many of which come with power plugs different from our country’s standard type. There are few things more annoying than wanting to try out your newest gadget or gizmo, realizing that it’s got another power plug type, digging out an adapter for it, or finding some frankly dangerous way of getting past your power plug’s safety mechanism.


The costly way

You can, of course, get power panels fitted with universal sockets, but they typically don’t come cheap, and adds up if you are looking to upgrade the panels of your whole room, or your entire house.

For Singaporean residents, keeping the usual UK standard for the power panels also give the added advantage of appliances being plugged more securely to the wall, resulting in less accidental disconnections.


The less expensive alternative

Here’s what you could do. Consider killing two birds with one stone by getting power extension bars with universal sockets. These easily multiply the number of devices you can connect in one room (especially good for the geeks with 101 devices that need power), and you never have to worry again about not being able to plug up your latest devices from the US, Europe, or China. How’s that for being time and eco-efficient?

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Of course, remember to verify that these extensions you buy have a genuine Safety Mark seal! And note that universal sockets generally have less protection than single socket standards, so you may want to make your power bay a no-kids, no-pets zone.

Actually, that’s generally a good rule, regardless of socket type.