Remember the good old days when the word “Xiaomi” only meant either power banks and affordable Android smartphones, that you had to camp for every Tuesday (or was it Thursday?) because stock was purposely limited?

Since then, Xiaomi has grown bigger than anyone could have ever imagined. Riding on its successes one step at a time, Xiaomi leveraged their massive economies of scale to become a household name, not just for affordable phones and phone accessories, but also for home electronics, personal devices, smart home systems, and more.

But it stretches even further than that. With numerous strategic partnerships, Xiaomi’s alliance has quietly become about as large and formidable as China’s medieval dynasties of old.

Here are six products we wouldn’t have linked with Xiaomi’s technology-coated name.

UV disinfecting vacuum cleaner

Made primarily for beds and mattresses, but also very usable for other fabric upholstery like seats, cushions, sofas, and even curtains, this vacuum cleaner is jam-packed with features specially designed to kill dust mites and other harmful bacteria commonly found in beds and seating areas. Featuring a UV lamp, heat treatment of approximately 50°C, and surface tapping to effectively dislodge dust and mites, the iron-sized (okay it’s just slightly larger) vacuum cleaner ensures a deep clean of your fabric that will help you get the good night’s rest you deserve.

Foot massager + stool

It’s 2019, and aren’t we all about them multiple-use devices? Unlike its peers, this leg massager doesn’t sit around your living room awkwardly like an out-of-place, bougie flex. When you don’t need to make use of any of its 3 massage modes, the massager converts into a very handy footrest by simply replacing its top cushioned cover. This cover can also be heated, making this quite the ultimate relaxation device. What’s not to love, honestly?!

Non-contact infrared digital thermometer

Not too long ago, digital thermometers were luxury items that cost more than $100. Only medical professionals had any justified use for it at that price point, given the massive amount of time they could save with near-instant temperature readings.

Today, the technology has been commoditised, and Xiaomi with iHealth is in on this game with a simple, no-frills infrared thermometer that costs less than $40. The no-contact nature of the thermometer ensures that hygiene is maintained (no more cumbersome plastic sleeves or ear caps!), and the technology allows accuracy of up to 0.1°C, with a large and simple temperature display for quick and easy reading.

3D electric shaver

Honestly beats us how a series of shavers (that’s right, series, not just one) came under the House of Xiaomi, but here we are. From this sturdy three-bladed floating head design, to compact and more travel-friendly designs, you can now afford to look sharp without burning a hole in your wallet.

Handheld dental water flosser

This surely has to take the cake for oddest product. As its name suggests, the water flosser uses a thin stream of highly pressurised water to clean out the plaque-prone areas of your teeth. Think of it as the power washers you see cleaning the streets, but for teeth instead of tiles. The device, with an in-built water tank doubling up as its base, has high and low pressure levels (beginners are advised to get used to operation with low power first), as well as a pulse mode for highly effective cleaning.

4G portable router with 10,000mAh power bank

Okay alright, of course you would link this product to Xiaomi immediately. We’re totally cheating with this one, but we can’t resist including this for how insanely useful this product is. A big issue with most compact, credit card-sized portable routers today is that they almost definitely cannot last a whole day of gallivanting around, and requires extra juicing. Well why not combine two essentials into one? This portable router comes with a massive 10,000mAh battery – more than enough to keep you connected to the internet, while providing your phone with much needed extra power when needed, even across a particularly long day out.

Have you come across any other strange Xiaomi-branded devices? Let us know in the comments below!