In our previous post, we mentioned how buying Q*coins early and holding them could give you a head start on major events and milestones in life.

The problem with big ticket purchases is that it’s hardly ever a single-purchase affair. For example, buying a game console means that you’ll also be buying games to play on it, perhaps with extra controllers. Getting a new bed means getting bed sheets, comforters, and maybe extra pillows and bolsters. A new smartphone could also mean a screen protector, a protective case, a(nother!) SD card, extra charging cables and powerbanks.

And those are the relatively smaller purchases. The three big milestones we’ve listed below can easily incur accompanying costs of four, or even five figures.

New house

Whether you’re getting your first HDB flat, or finally moving into a sleek condo unit, buying the apartment itself is just the beginning. Now granted, you can’t buy property on QuuBe (yet!). What you will find, however, are the 1001 things you’ll need to turn your apartment into a home: from furniture, to kitchenware, to menial things like rugs and towels and irons and vacuum cleaners and racks… we could go on for an entire article.

New baby

With a new member of the family on the way, formula milk and diapers are a given. If you’re having your first child, that also means a whole bunch of new accessories to get – milk bottles, breast pumps, steriliser, cot, baby monitor… well you get it. It’s a long list.

Wedding banquet

Along with the banquet often comes myriads of activities, and with them, miscellaneous expenses that add up to no small amount. Floral arrangements, gate-crashing items and props, tea ceremony set, double happiness decals, decor for the banquet’s reception, guestbook and coloured markers, are just a few things you’d be spending money on.

Letting it bake

Because QuuBe ensures that its token’s value will only either increase or maintain, and never decrease, Q*coin buyers can purchase tokens with the confidence that they will be, minimally, protected from negative fluctuations in financial markets.

With several financially good quarters, you could even see your tokens expanding in value, as product prices fall to compensate for increased conversion rates. (If this sentence puzzles you, our previous blog post explains the math behind it!)

If you are thinking of buying in, now’s an especially good time to do so, with Qoo10’s 5% bulk buy discount still in effect, and UOB’s exclusive 10% bonus still on offer for its cardholders. These offers won’t last for long, so act quickly!