QPoints are earned rewards that Qoo10 shoppers can use to enjoy further discounts when making a purchase order at the payment step.

QPoints application is based on 100 points per unit, which is equivalent to S$1.00.
(100 QPoints = S$1.00)


Step 1: After adding the item you wish to purchase to cart, go to your shopping cart and click on ‘Place and Order

Step 2: Under ‘Use Q-account’, Qoo10 user will be able to see how much Qpoints they have in their Qoo10 account. Before proceeding to make an order, Qoo10 user will be able to look at the final payment, after using coupons or Qpoints.


There are several ways to earn QPoints –

1) Attendance Card + Roulette Q

Qoo10 users will be able to receive a daily Q-ticket if they click on the attendance card. (Do take note that daily Q-ticket will expire within the day of redemption.)

Qoo10 users will then be able to use to Q-ticket to play Roulette Q and stand a chance to win QPoints!

(Prizes include 10 Qpoints, $2 Cart Coupon, 5 Mameballs, $10 Gift Card, or 100 Qpoints)

Win more Qpoints if you click on the Attendance Card every 6 days! (Refer to image below on the number of Qpoints that can be won just by playing the attendance card)


2) Confirm Delivery of Your Purchase

Qoo10 registered users can earn Qpoints by clicking on the ‘confirm delivery’ button in [Shopping List] to confirm that the item purchased has been delivered successfully.

Once delivery is confirmed, Qpoints will be credited to the Qoo10 registered account.

The number of QPoints given is a maximum of 10 Qpoints OR equivalent to 1% of the purchased price.
(e.g. S$100 purchase = 1 Qpoint)


3) Play MameGo!

Another way to earn Qpoints is by playing Qoo10’s MameGo!

Referring to the image above, Qoo10 users can exchange 10 MameQ characters for 10 Qpoints!

Qoo10 users have to collect 10 characters (MameQ) playing MameGo on our Qoo10/Live10 mobile apps.

MameGo! player has to use Mameball to catch Mamemons.