Qoo10’s MameGo! is an interactive game available on our website and also on our mobile apps, Qoo10 and Live10.

To play this game, Qoo10 registered users are given 3 Mameballs each day to unlock and catch Mamemons.

These Mamemons that are caught can be accumulated to exchange for Qoo10 shopping rewards in the form of discounts, super sale coupons or Qpoints.

MameGo! can be played through desktop and Qoo10’s mobile apps Qoo10 and Live10.

To play MameGo!, please click here to visit the MameGo! main page.

To catch Mamemon, simply click on the Mamemon map, which will bring you to a list of seller shops where certain Mamemon can be found. Click on the shop name, make sure you follow the shop by clicking the small “Join” button on the upper right hand corner, then click on the Mamemon and try to catch it.

*HINT* The easiest way to catch a Mamemon is to use a desktop browser. On desktop browsers, remember to allow pop-ups from Qoo10 so that the Mamemon catching page appears. Once you are on the catching page, simply resize the web browser window, and press F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page.

There are several ways to get Mameballs –

1) Exchange Qstamps for Mameball

You will be able to exchange 1 Qstamp for 3 Mameballs.

2) Daily Collection

A Qoo10 registered user can collect 3 Mameballs daily to play MameGo!

3) Play Roulette Q

Get your daily Qticket by being active on your attendance card and stand a chance to win 5 Mameballs by playing Roulette Q!