Qoo10’s Best of 2017 – The Right Cup

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The Right Cup comes in 5 different flavours

When it comes to drinking water, it was clear that you did have a hard time deciding which is The Right Cup to reach out for. Especially when it comes in five different flavours – Mixed Berry, Orange, Apple, Peach and Cola. Yes, believe it or not, that classic coca-cola taste.

With so many choices available, how do you even start?

The Right Cup

Still have no idea what The Right Cup is all about? Simply put, it’s a flavoured cup that tricks your brain into smelling the different scents as you take sips from it.

So you can be drinking some plain bottle of mineral water. But if you had poured it into an Orange-flavoured cup – you guessed it right – you’ll taste the same water as an orange-infused one instead!

The invention of The Right Cup is quite a noble idea to encourage everyone to drink more water every other day. It’s such a simple act to do but really, how many of us are actually guilty of not doing that.

More importantly, it’ll be a good alternative for those who love to drink fruit cordials such as honeydew, pineapple and blueberry drinks as well as Singapore’s all-time favourite drinks such as teh peng and iced lemon tea.

When you’re out having meals at hawker centres or food courts, it’s perfectly fine to order these drinks to go alongside your plates of char kway teow or roasted chicken rice. But some of us continue to resort to the same sugared drinks, either when we return to office cubicles or in-between one tutorial class to the other.

That’s where the addiction to sugared drinks may start to develop from. And let’s just call each others’ bluff here: when you drink that, you just don’t drink water.

The Right Cup may just be the right cup for you

What if you can just pour some plain water into The Right Cup for a change, and gulp that down the next time? Indeed there’s no sugar, preservatives and hence, no calories.

Just the good, old, plain water.

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