Dress in style and walk with pride – let your baby bump show!

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Dress in style and walk with pride – let your baby bump show!

Without doubt, pregnancy is noble and honorable. A pregnant lady basically takes care of the well-being of two people in one body. Everything you think, say and do revolves around the baby in your womb.  It might be a challenge but definitely worth the celebration! Be proud of these momentous nine months as you bring your style to a whole new level with your baby bump.

Gone were the days of big and baggy clothes concealing baby bumps. Most ladies deck themselves in fashionable clothing, flaunting the bump and curves of their precious one. There are almost 8000 maternity wear choices and styles on Qoo10 for you to choose. Be it body hugging or loose flowy dresses, you can keep that radiance alive with maternity wear!


Imagine yourself clad in your PJs, strolling down the mall just because you find dressing up too tiresome during pregnancy. GOSH! You will definitely regret when you recall those moments.

Pregnancy is an exciting journey. Add on to that excitement by spicing it up with apparels that make you look and feel great. Wear bright colours that compliment your skin tone, bodycon dresses to show off your shape or work dresses which give you an extra vibe of confidence.

Whatever it takes, don’t lose it. Be a preggers’ trendsetter today!

Be comfortable

We know of ladies who love to wear stiletto heels despite the discomfort but bear in mind, comfort is your top priority during your pregnancy. From top to bottom, wear what makes you feel comfortable.

If you’re feeling a little less motivated to dress up, leggings are the best alternative. They are stretchable and are able to ease your movements wherever you go. Simply pair it with a babydoll top or a lycra top with cardigan and you are good to go! Remember, the material of your apparel is important – breathable, flexible and able to support your body changes or movements.

As long as it does not suffocate the waist line, cause any irritations or obstruct your movements, you’ll be fine.

*If the stiletto heels still fits the bill, then why not? Go for it but just be extra careful!*

Accessorize yourself!

Without spending a fortune, you can look different by accessorizing your outfit. A necklace over your plain bodycon dress or a set of earrings that dangles over your shoulders would add some life and colours to your already stylish outfit.  Just remember not to overdo it!

The demand for maternity wear is always on the rise and we believe it will continue to increase with more mummies joining in to set new vogues. Feel confident about what you wear and you will definitely rock it!

Sleep, eat and shop well because you deserve it. Till then, we congratulate you as you enter motherhood!