DID YOU KNOW? At the start of every new quarter – ie. January, April, July, and October – QuuBe revises the conversion rate between USD and Q*coin, its blockchain-based token.

Now typically, companies put regular adjustments like this in place to stay in sync with market conditions, and to assure customers that they are getting fair rates. But financial markets will always bounce up and down, and can never be 100% predictable. In other words, you can buy in at the height of the market, only for it to unexpectedly crash and leave you with a bunch of overpriced tokens.

QuuBe has quite a simple solution to that.

Rather than leaving everything open to market forces, QuuBe will only either revise the Q*coin token price upwards, or maintain its current pricing. In other words, there will never be devaluation of Q*coins against the USD.

How does this help?

Think of this assurance as both a protective measure and an incentive for all of QuuBe’s users. Depending on the amount of transactions achieved in the previous quarter, token price increments will range from 0% (value maintained) to 5% (maximum value increase). An average increase of 2% helps Q*coin buyers stay abreast of inflation, while a top-end increase of 5% significantly grows the value of the token.

It also acts as a constant and tangible reminder to the QuuBe team that they need to keep growing the platform as rapidly as possible, to be able to continuously deliver tasty token price revisions every quarter.

What does this mean for me?

Good question!

Primarily, it means that you can buy yourself Q*coins, with the assurance that its value will never be lower than what you paid.

In fact, there’s a pretty good chance the value will appreciate over time, given QuuBe’s mechanics for token price revision. The earlier you purchase Q*coins, and the longer you store them, the more you’ll be able to do with them. Factoring in our current discount or bonus promotions (which will end very soon!!), you could be paying a lot less for big-ticket purchases coming your way in one year’s time, or more.

Don’t expect holding your coins to be easy though. We hear there will be plenty of good deals and attractive discounts to tempt you along the way. 😉

In the meantime, we’ve drawn up this infographic to more clearly illustrate the math of everything we’ve shared above.

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No seriously. Why are you still here?